Mariëlle Blokland

Sao Paulo Typeface 2012

A typeface especially designed for the city Sao Paulo.

Despite the add ban, street art is allowed and frequently shown in São Paulo. Sadly, the wealthier people in São Paulo are not able to identify themselves with this art form. 

This alternative street art is aimed at the richer inhabitants of São Paulo, based on the fact that this group of people use the helicopter as main transport through the city and further away.

The bird’s eye view provides interesting possibilities for letterforms, the chosen letterforms make optimal use of the shape of the buildings. The letters also have a navigating function, the left side of the letter always points in the direction where you can find the next letter of the sentence, like an arrow. In the example shown here, the sentence says ‘Arte para a praia’, which means ‘Art to the beach’, so if you follow this sentence - in your heli- you will arrive at the beach. 

To avoid the add ban, these letters are not readable from street perspective. So no-one will, while walking, cycling or driving through the city, recognize the letters, they can only see abstract simple forms on the buildings.


Graphic Designer

2014 graduate of ArtEZ Arnhem


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